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Family Law

Safeguarding Clients’ Separate Property in Divorce

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You and your spouse were once independent of each other. Many people enter marriage with separate property, such as inheritances, retirement savings, or proceeds from the sale of a home. We understand how unjust it feels to find that assets you never intended to give up could be subject to division during your divorce.

At the Law Offices, we have extensive experience handling complex divorces, such as those involving substantial or important separate property, including inheritances, family vacation property, and gifts.

When you ask us whether you will be allowed to keep your separate property, we will reply by asking you what property you believe is rightfully yours alone. With your answer to that in mind, our lawyers will prepare a sound, powerful argument for your position and apply ourselves to protecting your separate assets and achieving your goals in the marital property settlement.

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Proper Categorization of Marital and Separate Assets

In California, most property and debt owned by married couples is considered community property, and the standards for determining what constitutes separate property are complex.

As an example, if you inherited money before getting married, it could still be considered a part of the marital estate. The chances the court are better, however, that will find it to be separate property if you kept the inheritance completely separate from your mutual finances during the entire course of your marriage.

Our goal is to protect any property you brought with you into the marriage or acquired after separation, such as:

  • Assets excluded from division by marital or prenuptial agreements
    Gifts, such as jewelry, antiques or rare coins
  • Inheritances, whether received before or during the marriage, or after separation
  • Property owned before vows were exchanged, including business assets, proceeds from the sale of real estate, rare collectibles, etc.
  • Property obtained after separation

The attorneys at the Law Offices we are knowledgeable about the requirements, and we are committed to protecting our clients’ rights to this property. In some circumstances, we consult forensic accountants to show the source and treatment of assets during the marriage.

We Keep Fees Reasonable

We provide people with effective representation at reasonable fees. One reason our fees are reasonable is that we do not add phone calls between you and us to your bill. From your initial consultation on, all calls are free.

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Family Law

Is CPS Trying to Take Your Child Away?

Is CPS Trying to Take Your Child Away?

The situation usually plays out as follows: A parent, such as yourself, is at home taking care of the children. With little or no warning, Child Protective Services shows up. They quickly review the situation and take the children away.

The parent is left with little explanation about what has happened and what to do next. If you have found yourself in this situation, the Law Offices can help. We will fight to help you keep your children.

We Keep Fees Reasonable

At our law firm, we believe that quality legal representation can be provided at reasonable fees. Our lawyers keep fees reasonable, partly because we do not add phone calls between you and us to your bill. From your initial consultation on, all calls are free.

We Will Fight to Help You Keep Your Children

In theory, the social workers that work for Child Protective Services have your child’s best interests at heart. Unfortunately, goals can become twisted. False reports of child abuse or dangerous home conditions can be believed to be true. The negative actions of one parent can tarnish the positive parenting skills of the other.

Our lawyers know how to sort these matters out. We understand how to deal with CPS and the juvenile court system.

If there is a legitimate problem, we can work with you to fix it in order to allow you to keep your children from being sent to foster homes.

If there is no problem and all allegations are false, we can design a strategy dedicated to convincing the court that your parenting skills are up to the task of raising your child properly.

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