One of the frequent questions that comes up during a divorce is, “Will I have to pay child support?” or “Will I get child support?”

At the Law Offices, we can provide you with an immediate answer to that question. Child support is based on a formula under the California Child Support Guidelines. That formula is based primarily on each spouse’s income and the physical custody arrangements. We know the formula, so we can provide you with a fast answer to your question.

How Much Child Support? After a Free Consultation, You’ll Know
Call us or send us an e-mail to talk to an experienced Corona child support lawyer about the amount of child support that you may be required to pay or you may receive.

Careful Handling of Child Support Is Required

Just because child support is determined by a formula doesn’t mean that this aspect of your case can simply be glossed over. That is definitely not the case.

A formula is only as good as the numbers entered into it. Our attorneys will take great care to see that the income amounts entered are correct. Unfortunately, divorce cases frequently become battles. Spouses may misreport their income in an attempt to pay less child support or receive more. We take great care to overcome these challenges in pursuit of a fair outcome.

Furthermore, if there is any reason to deviate from the formula to achieve a fair outcome, we will look for the opportunity to do so. There are a variety of reasons that the guidelines can be deviated from. We know why and we know how.

We Keep Fees Reasonable

Can experienced family law representation come at reasonable fees?

We believe it can. We keep our fees reasonable, partly because we do not add phone calls between you and us to your bill. From your initial consultation on, all calls are free.

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